Good Genes Sunday Riley Review

By Jessica Natalie Cowandy

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Posted on 25 February 2016 in Review

Good Genes is priced at $105. Good Genes Treatment are said to do all sort of great things for the skin; un-do damage caused by sunlight, acne, pollution. It helps to plump fine lines, fight hyper-pigmentation, heal scar tissue & boost circulation so skin looks smoother, younger and more vibrant.

At first I was thrilled when I heard good things about this product. People talk about this product like it is a miracle worker and as soon as you put it on, your skin notice an immediate difference.

First of all, let me tell you my skin conditions before I start using the Good Genes serum; I suffer from severe acne, there are acne growing everyday for about two months and the scar that it leaves afterwards last for so long. I have tried many skin care products, but the red spots are not fading. I was hoping that this product would heal my hyper-pigmentation and prevent acne from growing.

The Process

After a week of using this product there were no changes. Meanwhile, my skin felt greasier and oilier, so I stopped using it and decided to give this product a second try a week later.

The weird part is that I noticed an immediate difference after a night of using this product. My skin looks more vibrant, not greasy, not that oily and my acne scars are fading. I was beyond amazed and decided to use this serum again that morning. I only wore concealer, powder and Good Genes serum that day and did not use any primer on. What seems to surprise me are; my makeup stayed all day and my face are not as oily as it normally was!

I have been using Good genes for 1 month now. My oil is manageable, my hyper-pigmentation is fading and my skin is more vibrant.

However, it did not prevent acne from growing, and if you have sensitive skin you may feel a bit of a tingle as soon as you put it on. I highly recommend you to stop using this product if you have open wounds. Better wait until it is fully recovered.

Note; This product is not suitable for those who have strong sense of smell. If you have a similar problem like I do, the easiest way is switching your skin care products. Try using good genes serum for 4 days to heal your hyper-pigmentation and use other skin care products that prevent acne from growing.

Good Genes Sunday Riley Review reviewed on 25 February 2016 by rated 3.4 of 5


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